Blu Dot / Couch of Rock

Project description:
We designed, built and unveiled a state-of-the-art couch,  then rocked Austin, TX for two days and two nights.

Dubbed the Couch of Rock, this two-day concert took place at Blu Dot’s Austin, TX location. Musicians were invited to shred all over the couch, with more than 30 acts performing. Har Mar Superstar headlined, things got wild, and sweaty.

Blu Dot's Couchoid Sofa was front and center, with an added Fender Blues Junior amp in the couches arm, backed by an 8000 watt PA system. It was truly a couch made for rocking.

Project highlights:
 - Blu Dot Couchoid Sofa transformed into a guitar amp
 - Modified Fender Blues Junior tube guitar amp in couch arm
 - Custom painted Fender Telecaster guitar
 - 8000 watt PA system / remote digital mixing
 - Two days / 30 acts / Har Mar Superstar headlined
 - Beautiful and LOUD!
 - Digital development, social media, capture

Client: Blu Dot / Modern Furniture
Project: Couch of Rock
Project role: Technical planning, digital and experience direction
Execution: Live concert in Austin, TX featuring a Blu Dot couch with an 8000 watt PA system
Title: Director of Digital and Experiential Production
Agency: mono